DGS End-of Arm-Tooling for Grinding and Polishing

DGS - Robotic grinding head

Grinding and polishing in one.

Do you want to increase efficiency and productivity? Do you have a high rejection rate? Have you considered replacing some monotonous manual tasks with a grinding/polishing robot?

If so, contact us! We offer:

  • a no obligation consultation at our facilities and evaluation of the options for utilising an industrial robot for your grinding/polishing application
  • a quotation including a virtual draft in 3D
  • component testing to ensure attainment of the required quality
  • complete realisation, from initial design to implementation in your production process



  • Polishing welded joints
  • Sprue grinding, deburring edges
  • Sanding large surfaces
  • Additional feature – precise measurement due to an incremental probe



  • Wide power range 700 – 2800 W
  • Flexible tool clamping (thread, collet, taper)
  • Compensation of the gravitational effect and acceleration effect
  • Head angle options according to specific application
  • Design for continuous operation
  • Accuracy and precision in the production of the end product


The DGS is particularly suitable for use in serial production as stationary or robot design.


Catalogue .pdf

%MCEPASTEBIN%Polishing welded joints

  • Applies contact force 5 - 45 N
  • Max. power output 0.94 W
  • Range of speed 12000-23000 min-1
  • Max. work stroke 18 mm / .70 in
  • Applies contact force 5 - 45 N
  • Max. power output 1000 W / 1.34 hp
  • Range of speed 12000-19000 min-1
  • Max. work stroke 18 mm / .70 in
  • Applies contact force 5-135 N
  • Max. power output 2800 W / 3.7 hp
  • Range of speed 6600-12000 min-1
  • Weight 23,8 kg